The Ecology Group have been busy, and the results are clearly visible… here’s a selection of pictures showing what they’ve been up to:

The first picture, taken at Great Elm (near seat at Winston Stone) shows a dramatic view. This has been achieved by hedge-laying in the winter which lowered the height of the hedge to allow access to the view. In addition, the extra light provided on the opposite side of the path has resulted in the appearance of pyramidal orchids and a large patch of yellow sweet clover for the first time (below).


The next landscape picture shows the bench at the Newsbury Hill area where the hedge line has been opened with gaps to allow views of the attractive countryside beyond. Improving this area mainly involved removing brambles.

The next picture at the main bench at Great Elm shows a large number of ox-eye daises which have also been very visible on our road-sides this year.

Finally, the amazing red Rose Campion flowers are located in a mini meadow area alongside the bench on Buckland Bridge. The design of all bench areas tries to provide space for ease of seating and some play whilst also providing mini wildflower meadow areas to amaze the public. The flowers of some of these plants are very small so they need  close inspection to see the wonderful design that nature has achieved. All plants growing are arriving by natural dispersal systems making use of the wind and other means.

In autumn we will be cutting all this lush growth down and raking it up in time for a new season to start in 2020. In addition to work at Great Elm some ecology will be done on new unopened sections on the path at Whatcombe Farm, Elliot’s Bridge and Coalash Bridge.

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