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Fundraising starts for Great Elm to Hapsford link

Frome's Missing Links

Just two miles outside of Frome town centre lies the start of the Colliers Way, a family-friendly, traffic-free path to Radstock, enjoyed by many walkers, runners, riders and cyclists. For a long time plans have been in place to continue this route alongside the existing railway line, onto the riverside footpath and into Frome.

Frome's Missing Links is a local community group campaigning to get this multi-user path completed and to create new links between Frome and the surrounding villages.

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Your comments

I use the part of Colliers Way from Great Elm to Radstock, and have also used the part going northwards from Radstock. It is most enjoyable to get away from roads and see this area from the Beeching legacy! Connecting to Frome and hopefully linking southwards to eventually join up with the Wiltshire Cycle Route will be a great asset to the people of this area.

Jill Cliss

Your comments

An extension of the shared-use path to Frome would increase visitor numbers and be a great facility for its residents. The journey between Frome and the current end of the route is a challenge. These routes shouldn’t be thought of as cycle paths alone (though I’m sure you realise that) and despite straitened economic times these paths remain a good way to invest in strengthening communities, with wide benefits to several usergroups. Frome is fortunate that the majority of the path is in place but to reap the benefits it needs to be joined to the town itself.

Mark Annand

Your comments

An excellent campaign to ensure that this route is completed and completed it must be! – this will benefit many people in terms of health and fitness. The route will undoubtedly see a rapid increase in use and will provide much enjoyment to all whether they are nature lovers, cyclists, walkers, the elderly or infirm.

Andy McLeod

Your comments

I commute to bath everyday by bus. I love to ride my bike and if I could, I would do so everywhere. However, it is quite intimidating to cycle on roads as you get little respect from those driving cars, especially during rush hours. The missing links would allow me to do what I love, keep fit and save a lot of money. I support this project all the way! Thank you.

Georgie Richardson

The Chamber of Commerce endorses the Missing Link project. It will help connect Frome with the surrounding villages and countryside. Frome is a great place to start a cycle ride, or finish one with a refreshing drink and an ice cream.
Neil Howlett

Ex President, Frome & District Chamber of Commerce

I have always been a fan of Sustrans and The Trails Trust, I believe that any work that is done getting cyclists and horse riders off of the roads is absoultely essential. I am very keen to support any project of this sort.
Mrs Angela Yeoman, OBE, DL

Chair, Somerset Community Foundation

The Frome Medical Practice hopes that, with this cycle path providing a traffic free corridor into the centre of the town, more people will be encouraged to exercise and those with disabilities will find it easier to enjoy outdoor activities.

Partner , Frome Medical Practice

The Town Council’s new strategy places green aspirations and activity right at its core – completing the missing link does precisely this.
Peter Macfadyen

Leader of Frome Town Council, Flatpack Democracy

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