Overall Routes

Map of Frome’s Missing Links and existing paths

Map of Frome's Missing Links


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National Cycle Network. A country wide network of off road or quiet roads constructed or suitable for cycling and walking

NCN 24

Links Bath and Southampton via Longleat

NCN 25

Links Longleat to Poole

Phase 1

Missing Link – Phase 1. Welshmill to Low Water in Frome .Construction completed late 2014 and in use

Phase 2

Missing Link – Phase 2. Great Elm to Hapsford. Construction started by volunteers, awaiting sufficient funding for completion

North Missing Link

Needed to eliminate steep hills and dangerous road crossings between Phases 1 & 2

South Missing Link

From Frome ASDA to join Feltham lane south of the A361, needed to eliminate a steep hill, a dangerous road crossing and main line railway

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