Map of Frome's Missing Links


National Cycle Network: a country-wide network of off-road or quiet on-road routes constructed or suitable for safe cycling and walking

NCN 24

Links Bath and Southampton via Longleat

NCN 25

Links Longleat to Poole

Phase 1

Welshmill to Low Water in Frome. Construction completed late 2014.

Phase 2

Great Elm to Hapsford. In progress.

Phase 3

Low Water to Coalash Lane. Under negotiation.

Phase 4

Coalash Lane to Hapsford. Feasibility studies underway.

North Missing Link

Needed to eliminate steep hills and dangerous road crossings between Phases 1 & 2

South Missing Link

From Frome ASDA to join Feltham lane south of the A361, needed to eliminate a steep hill, a dangerous road crossing and main line railway

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