Phase 3

Phase 3 plans

Phases 1 and 2 will have more than halved the length of the northern missing link.

Further phases will have to include the crucial crossing of that barrier to sustainable transport, the A362.

The County Council have ruled out a crossing with signals at road level from a combination of fast traffic and poor visibility around bends. This seems to leave options of a bridge or a tunnel. We also need to cross the Mells River, and probably Coalash Lane and Jacks Lane.

None of these are insuperable in engineering terms and the obvious route is to follow spare land on the south side of the railway as far as Selwood Manor. However given our experience with phase 2 the costs may be prohibitive.

Anticipating this problem volunteers examined a number of alternative routes some years ago but all were blocked by landowners unwilling to release land.

However some land parcels have changed hands more recently so once phase 2 is underway the route for later phases will be re-appraised.



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