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How can you help us as a business

If your business would like to put something back into the community and you would like to demonstrate your commitment to the Frome area in a practical way, helping to construct a family-friendly, multi-user path, enabling more people to get out into nature and get active, is a great way to leave a legacy.

Please contact us using our email if you are interested in exploring the options. Frome’s Missing Link is a charity, and is able to take financial contributions or help with supplies and contructruction.¬†

Fromes Missing Links are happy to acknowledge and publicise all contributions, if desired.

Some examples of help recently received:

  • donation of a cattle grid by Orchardleigh
  • machinery, materials and skilled workers to tarmac path at Whatcombe Fields, by Connor Construction
  • An offer to cut an opening and make good a stone wall by local mason Jim White

Some examples of things we will need include:

  • Help with tree work
  • Earth moving
  • Hi-vis clothing and hard hats (white or blue)
  • Fencing materials and expertise.
  • Transport for a small dumper

Whatever you can offer, and it is surprising what comes up, please contact us.

Even if we do not need you now we may in the future,

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