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How can you help us as a business

If your business would like to put something back into the community and you would like to demonstrate your commitment to the Frome area in a practical way there is nothing likely to be as long lasting and to reflect credit on you than sponsoring the construction of the Missing Link.

Cash is, of course, always welcome and you may, in later phases, opt to sponsor one of the more obvious pieces of infrastructure such as a bridge. However small business and individuals can also make very valuable contributions in kind, whether in materials, skills, labour, equipment or transport.

The Missing Link is a community enterprise and while it is run by a small group and has volunteers they do not necessarily have the skills, experience, or abilities that you have

Fromes Missing Links are keen to acknowledge and publicise all contributions. They can also be a tax efficient way of dealing with surplus old stock or utilising temporary spare capacity. Volunteers have proved adept at recycling otherwise waste material to a useful purpose.

Some examples of help recently received:

  • Re-written and development website done by Andy Britnell – Social Media and blogging coach of See a Man About A Blog. 
  • 78 Concrete inspection chamber sections from CPM Mells (but we need transport to site!)
  • An offer to cut an opening and make good a stone wall by local mason Jim White

Some examples of things we will need include:

  • Scalpings and type 1, plus transport to site probably in 10 tonne loads.
  • Earth moving
  • A whacker plate.
  • Public relations expertise
  • Fencing materials and expertise.
  • Transport for a small dumper

Whatever you can offer, and it is surprising what comes up, please contact us.

Even if we do not need you now we may in the future,

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