Friday Club

The Friday Club started as a small dedicated group of individuals who wanted to push the boundaries of what could be done by amateurs (some are very gifted but there is room for all abilities) to prepare with volunteer effort to build the Frome Missing Links. Initially it was the intention to do jobs that facilitated efficient use of professional contractors to build the path, allowing the contractors to be used in the most beneficial way but to also save money by reducing the demands on them. Contractors of course remain essential to the long term success of the project, but there are periods when grants etc. are difficult to come by.

The Friday Club – by pressing on with jobs like rail removal, drainage ditch construction and even complete path building using rolled aggregate, and then fencing sections – provides essential visibility for the project whilst waiting for the community to provide the money to complete the work.

Friday Club members derive great satisfaction for the work that they do and the team spirit generated. This also allows them to support the Sustrans National Cycle Routes in other ways such as having ‘Away Days’  to clear lanes that Councils fail to maintain (Hensford Marsh and Feltham Lane) and to carryout Ecology Work in advance of the Sustrans Greener Greenway Project on the Collier’s Way.

If you’d like to get involved with the Friday club, please get in touch!

The pictures show some of the work done by the Friday Club recently at Hensford Marsh, near Warminster – part of the NCN24 route to Warminster from Longleat – where they sorted out a long boggy stretch of path which hadn’t been cleared for years, by cutting back vegetation and digging out about 15 to 20cm of compacted soil! Well done and thanks to all!

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