South Missing Link

Map for south missing link in Frome


This overview map shows the route preferred by the group drawn from the local community and Sustrans.

·         The route has been informally surveyed. Not all private landowners have been consulted at this stage, so no permissions should be inferred.

·         This route depends on cooperation from Network Rail. Land acquisition is likely to be necessary.

·         There are no significant structural issues or high cost associated with this route.

·         The route is traffic free and suitable for novice or less confident cyclists, families and the mobility impaired.

Problems with the current route

·         Heading south on Route 24 from Frome town centre currently involves climbing Locks Hill (up 43 metres over a short distance).

·         After Locks Hill there is a further climb to the top of the Mount (up another 12 metres). We therefore have a 55 metre climb just to get out of Frome.

·         Having descended Feltham Lane from the Mount, the potentially dangerous A361 Frome bypass has to be crossed.

Proposed route

·         Connects directly with the riverside path between Willow Vale and New Road.

·         Makes use of the existing cycle track to Asda.

·         Shorter distance than the current route.

·         The 55 metre Locks Hill/Mount climb is replaced by a gentler 14 metre climb to the top of the railway cutting behind Asda.

·         The crossing of the railway and A361 Frome bypass makes use of existing farm bridges so is completely safe.

Longleat - Frome's South missing link

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