The New Year brings some good news. Network Rail have finally agreed to our proposals and have given us ‘engineering clearance’ to proceed with work along the old railway line at Buckland Bridge. We do still need to complete negotiations with a local land owner but for now Phase 2 looks set to start up again at last!

The Charity’s year-end was 31st December 2018 and our management accounts show a total income for the year of £12,225.98 and a surplus of £7,813.73.  The accounts will be independently verified, ready for the AGM and submission to The Charity Commissioners.

Our total bank balance now stands at about £34,000, although we have committed around £5,000 of this on current development work described below and we still need much more to achieve our goals of completing Phases 2 and 3 in the next 18 months.

The Friday volunteers have started work on Phase 3 near Whatcombe Farm by erecting a boundary fence and two gates to allow access.  Some tree planting is envisaged before the end of March although further works to the new path will have to wait until we have planning permission.

A geotechnical engineer has looked at the steep unstable wall at Selwood Manor and advised on the work that will be required to stabilise it.  In addition a land surveyor has been asked to do a topographical survey of the route to Cooper Hall.  The two surveys will inform work on the drawings for the planning application – these are being prepared by local landscape architects and will be submitted by one of our wonderful volunteers.

The trustees have also commissioned a second feasibility study looking at options for the whole of the missing link between Whatcombe Fields and Buckland Bridge. The results of this work should be ready in time for the AGM at 7pm, April 2nd at Frome Town Hall.  I hope to see you all there – happy cycling!

Richard Ackroyd
Chair, Frome’s Missing Links

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