The FML Ecology Group has begun its Autumn/Winter programme, and we are seeking to encourage wildlife volunteers to support the programme.

The programme includes work to maintain parts of the Frome Missing Link where path construction has started, such as at Whatcombe Farm field lane (where a new hedge was planted last year), and at the Coalash Bridge triangle. Volunteers Colin Wisbey and Andrew Marchant have also had Away Days at the Frome Dippy, a small attractive valley between two large housing estates at Keyford with significant wildlife value, and the programme may include later visits to this site.

The programme will start properly from Friday 6th September at Great Elm (9:00 to 3:30), with more information to follow for those on the distribution list. If you would like to find out more, please send an email to

The pictures below show some examples of work to be done. The first set of pictures show the grass/vegetation is now needing to be cut at Great Elm which is at the Frome end of the Greenway, Collier’s Way (National Cycle Route 24), where we have been managing the ecology for a number of years.



The picture below with the small bench shows a short stretch of hedge that can be laid, when the leaves fall, to provide views and light to improve flora.  A larger section for hedgelaying can also be undertaken where we finished last year.

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