The summer flowers are fading fast at Great Elm as autumn approaches.  However, a number of flowers remain amongst the long grass including Thistles, Field Scabious, St John’s Wort, Crane Bill etc.

In studying the wildflowers at Great Elm, it is not always easy to identify the full name of each plant.  For this reason, an unnamed thistle is shown followed by a Welted Thistle:

Other pictures show Field Scabious and Cranes Bill:

The below shows the top of the embankment at Great Elm after it has been cut with scythes.  A staff member from Sustrans attended this work to check that it was being carried out safely under the pandemic rules.

The final picture shows a field of clover at Great Elm near the Buckland Bridge.  It is interesting to note that this field provides several crops of winter fodder, puts nitrates into the soil and provides nectar for honey bees.

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