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Date 25/26th February 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Venue Buckland Bridge, Great Elm
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The second bit of practical work was to continue clearing the way for building the path over Buckland Bridge near Great Elm which has been untouched since the railway was abandoned.

Another good turnout in excellent weather with around 20 people helping on both days. Again it was a great demonstration of public support and their will to see the project succeed. Over 700m of track is now clear all the way in the direction of Frome. There is still some tidying up and finishing off work to be done at another time.


Everyone hard at work (or caught taking a break!)

Montage of the work done on the Saturday


Some of the Sunday crowd having been dragged away from their toils

Montage of the work done on the Saturday

Many thanks if you took part in this Chain Gang

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