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Martine Weare We need these cycling links!..Such a good idea…
Jake Davies Prevent the accidents from happening and support cyclists.
Chris George Current suggest cycle link between Frome and Great Elm is extremely dangerous – particularly for those unaware of the dangers along these roads
Rosemary keay This would b great, as i’am a dog owner , and we just love 2 walk. My grandchildren love 2 come with us, so will b nice not 2 have 2 worry about cars x
Jeremy Reichelt I first discovered this site wile researching Bath. I’m looking foward to my next trip to the UK and hope to travel this bike path to see the scenery and learn more about your rail heritage.
Rob Lay Had a really enjoyable cycle along Route 24 today from Gt Elm to Radstock and back. What I didn’t enjoy was the road section from Frome to the off-road section. I wouldn’t do this part of the route again which would mean that I wouldn’t end up spending money on refreshments in Frome. I also wouldn’t recommend visitors to the area to start/finish in Frome, whiuch is a real shame.
Richard Lewis I have been walking in the area and this would be a great asset to the town.
Emma Cain this proposed link would make a huge difference to me and my family. We are keen to use the existing cycle path more, but find getting to the start of it very difficult with small children – and yet it’s so important to get them into cycling now, before they get too old and cool!
RichardBest I wholly endorse this initiative for all the well publicised benefits of cycling in the region. Good luck to the team at Frome’s Missing link The Bike Bath Team,
Martin James As a member of CTC Frome, I support this excellent project to provide the people of Frome with a safe and traffic free link to the cycle route network.
ian wilton The most traffic free route is always the best option… these types of public facility are in increasing demand… the bristol bath path is now so popular on weekends it is losing appeal. i would not have visited frome were it not for the path from Radstock ; the only drawback being the hilly & busy roads at the end; but certainly will visit by this route more times.
Alan Clarke A keen touring cyclist
Keith Wheeler Excellent initiative for the wider community which I fully support. It is especially good to see families using the cycle way, getting exercise together, out there in the fresh air and without the potential danger of traffic. Thank you.
Ann taylor I would like to register my support for the extension of the Colliers Way into Frome.
richard cowell Have riden colliers way several times and the last on road section into Frome is really hard work, so would welcome a ‘level’ alternative.
Austen Millard I use the route to get to and from work (at Stratton-on-the-Fosse) and the link into Frome would be a godsend. I am willing to help lobby if I am available
Julia Shahin I would really love this link to be completed, the existing route is VERY hilly! A gentler traffic free route would encourage lots more people to use their bikes regularly.
Deanne Brown I too drive to Mells to get on the path to ride to Radstock to take the children to Radstock park,it would be much easier and greener to get on at Frome and avoid using the car all together!
Martin Lear I endorse the aims set out in this web page. In my opinion, the existing route from the colliers way path into the town of Frome is extremely dangerous and I have reluctantly decided not to use it. This has meant that I no longer am able to enjoy using my cycle.
John Bowskill My family and I already love to cycle the Colliers Way Cycle Path. How much better if it were to be extended to Frome. Beautiful!
becki baber Having the complete route from Radstock to Frome would be brillant. My husband used to use it to ride to work, but having to do certian bits on the road is dangerous, especially in times when the light is fading
Vivienne Pay This would be so much safer and pleasanter than the existing route – sorely needed!
Tina Waller I have just discovered cycling as a way of halving my drive to work and achieving my fitness aims inexpensively. The Colliers Way is a beloved route for my fiance and I am it would be incredible to see it truly linked up and finished. I use the Two Tunnels Greenway to cycle to work and have seen first hand how the connecting up of sections of cycle routes lead cyclists such as myself (aka not pro!) to push further than they realised they were able by providing a route they can follow with confidence.
Alice McColl I am a keen cyclist and I regularly cycle to Midsomer Norton where I work. At present the first bit of the ride prior to getting on the cycle path takes 20 minutes after which I sail along the cycle path and get to work in 45 minutes total. If I take my son I have to drive out to Great Elm to join the cycle path which seems like a false economy! This project makes complete sense for the environment, our health, leisure and recreation. FROGS (Frome Recreation and Open Ground Supporters) have put in a bid to improve Welshmill and put ina bike track – if successful this will be an ideal place to welcome cyclists and develope Frome already thriving cycling enthusiasm!
Matthew Horler I alresdy use the exsisting path with my step-son but it involves a ride on fairly busy narrow roads to great elm, The path on the radstock side is very busy as it has esay access to it and i’m sure it would be the same on the frome side, especially with family’s offering a safe and free cycling/walking experience! that is desperately needed in frome. I’ve used the path at night in winter as its traffic free it enables me to continue cycling in safety. forget the button bridge this would be a much better long term investment in the local area
Jim Avery I rode the current Sustrans route from home to Frome last year. It was ok but too much on-road and rather messy on the way in to Frome. I’d love to see a more traffic free route.
Andrew Marchant I have previously completed this form but I am not receiving email updates. Notwithstanding email updates I would like to see regular reports on the web site and updates on the milestones as the wide public will then have a more realistic view of the sucessses and difficulties of this project
Chris Green It would fantastic to have the “railway route”. Cycling to Bath and beyond, virtually traffic free
David Chedgy The railway route certainly seems the far better option,and would provide a safe environment for all ages and abilities.
Robin Townsend This project points to a future that our children and future generations deserve. Brilliant idea and website.
John Upward The cycle track is excellent and extending it would be advantageous
Siobhan Jones I would fully support extending the Colliers Way cycle path to Frome. I recently cycled on the Colliers Way with a family cycling group. It is a great facility. For Sustrans work to have any real meaning in promoting sustainable alternatives to driving, schemes such as this which link real communities rather than cycleways stopping in the middle of nowhere, simply must go ahead.
Jeremy Le Fevre New to the area, I am a keen cyclist and looking to use my bike for long distance routes. A link to Bath on a dedicated cycleway would be an incentive to commute Bath, get fit and stay on top of my training. Please make it a priority to complete this excellent work.
L Herrington Colliers Way is a well used route both by walkers and cyclists and a traffic free section linking Frome and the existing path is essential
Julian Thompson great idea makes sense of the whole route
Nick Waton The railway route is the best, although I realise that it would be costly. All the alternatives are dangerous and/or too hilly & indirect.
Helen Johnstone I have used the cycleway – from the radstock end – to help my son learn to cycle safely. I find it really disappointing that I have to use the car to do this, because getting to the Frome end is too dangerous for a young cyclist. In fact, I haven’t done it by myself yet, as I find the narrow roads around town quite dangerous for adults. This extension would be a huge benefit for the town, I think.
Andy McLeod An excellent campaign to ensure that this route is completed and completed it must be! – this will benefit many people in terms of health and fitness. The route will undoubtedly see a rapid increase in use and will provide much enjoyment to all whether they are nature lovers, cyclists, walkers, the eldery or infirm.
Tim Spenlove-Brown I am very happy to support this petition which will help to complete the Colliers Way cycle and walking Route.
g sinkins no need to debate,would benifit all can we just get it done!
Richard Goodwin Sounds a good idea – I would definitely use it if it came to the centre of Frome!
Denis Stuckey My wife and I have clcled this route many,many times and have always regretted that the route does not extend into Frome. If it did, more people would visit the town which would benefit local buisineses.
Owen Ireland A flatter route to the Colliers Way is much needed to encourage less fit cyclists to get onto the cycle network. Those hills out to Great Elm are killers!
Antony Briggs The Colliers Way is such a nice route to take either on foot or bike but the current route that NCN 24 takes to get to and from it has some monster hill climbs. I usually opt to take the busy Iron Mill Lane then cross the A362 which gets the adrenaline pumping!
Sarah Holmes I hope that this link can be finished as I have family in Radstock and it would be lovely to safely be able to walk or cycle intstead of having to use my vehicle or take the bus all the time 🙂
Ian Dickinson Enjoyed a lovely cycle ride in October sunshine today from Midsomer Norton to Great Elm. No traffic, no unwelcome noise, no hassle. Planning to continue on to Frome next time. It would be much better to be able to do it without having to use roads.
Richard Rreston I cycle the colliers way quite regular and would love to see and use a traffic free cycle path from Radstock to Frome.
Colin Newton Go for it.
Shaun Lambdin On behalf of Frome & District Wheelers I wish to register our support. Many of our members use this Path on a regular basis and would welcome an extension to Colliers Way Cycle Path.
Tim Bayley I am a member of Sustrans and the Cycle Touring Club and support the development and maintainance of dedicated cycle paths nationally. It is important to link up existing and new paths to create a safe environment for cyclists and I welcome your initiative and give you my support. I will be visiting Somerset and will use your paths to enjoy touring your area.
ruth tessler excellent idea
Bob Jones Look forward to the cycle path through to Frome being completed soon, as the hills into Frome are too much for my old legs.
Nigel Shoosmith Yes, please! If you could pull this proposal off it would be the crowning glory of the Colliers Way. As one of the Sustrans Volunteer Rangers for the section of the Colliers Way between Radstock and Bucklands Bridge I know that this is what path users have been crying out for ever since the current route opened. Total support!
peter whereat I cycled this route the other Saturday starting from Bitten railway station, through the two tunnels into Radstock and then onto Frome. It was a shame that it didn’t take me all the way into Frome on a safe path, it really would be a nice to have that missing link connected up into Frome. That was the first time I had done this ride and I really enjoyed it, especially through the two tunnels. Thank You.
Geoff Latham The Great Elm to Radstock link is a great route for local cyclists as the main road is narrow and very busy and, unfortuneately, many motorists today show little patience or respect for cyclists. It would be great to complete the link from Great Elm to Frome too, we were close to being knocked off by a speeding motorist on the hill between Great Elm and Murtry. The possiblity of cycling from Frome to Bath and Bradford on Avon is an exciting prospect too and my wife and I fully support this initiative.
Brian & Fran Reed Would certainly use the Colliers way so much more if it was more accessible from Frome. I also feel as a B&B powner that it would be an added attraction to the many visitors to Frome
Ken MacLeay This project will link Frome with the rest of the cycle path and encourage more people to use it. It is an amazing asset since it is a safe space away from cars which encourages physical activity and links communities improving local economies.
RICHARD WALLACE Desperately needed the joining up of Radstock to Frome wuld benefit both towns.
Rosie Ray Extending the Colliers Way cycle path into Frome would be fantastic. Great not to have to cycle out on the road to Buckland Bridge and much safer
Alison Griffies I would cycle to Frome from Bristol if this link existed. This would be a great 3 hour cycle.
Alan Pettitt Without doubt an urgently needed link, both for cyclists and walkers.
Julian Mark Leyton Excellent idea -hope you can make it work. I cycle the Colliers Way often and if I could take it all the way into Frome it would be brilliant – especially bearing in mind the opening of a route all the way int Bathe from Radstock. Just imagine being able to go all the way from Bath to Frome almost totally off road !!
Diane Hall The continuation of the path would be excellent for cyclists,reduce traffic congestion and increase custom for Frome businesses.
Alison Barkshire I’d really like to be able to cycle safely to Frome to shop, but the hills are a real deterrent with a full load. Please help
Steve Loughran Connecting Frome with Bath would connect Bristol with Frome, and so glue together the towns and cities of the region.
Jeff Vinter This is a very good idea. I am confident that Railway Ramblers ( will wish to support this proposal as well.
Glenda tams Why hasn’t this been done already!
Sam Crockatt Me and my wife are moving down to Mells from London this July (2011) We would love to be able to cycle into Frome but the main road is twisty and undulating and cars fly around the corners, which is dangerous on a bike. It would be amazing to be able to cycle into town on a traffic free path and would benefit not only us and the local community but also the environment.
Mari Martin This is a great cycle track and I hope it will be completed soon.
Eloise Nice This would be a huge asset to the community and also for myself as a runner. Fitness and safety are important
Andrew Knight Sustrans track is a perfect place for children to gain cycling confidence and a love of bikes. The only drawback is having to load up and travel – if the track went to Frome it would be so much more usd and accessible
Claire Stott A link from Frome onto the existing Colliers Way would be an enormous asset for local people as well as for visitors, holiday makers etc
Arthur Hook I attempted the Collier’s Way last summer and really found the last couple of miles into Frome a let-down after a great day’s cycling. Hard work and not nearly as safe as I had hoped for after a splendid ride.
Steve Keel It is already a very pleasant cycle path – as far as it goes. extending it fully into Frome would make it so much more attractive.
Jonathan Veale I have been riding Route 24 from Radstock to Frome for quite a few years now, and it surprising how many people from Frome have ask me were the route starts; as they have tried to find it, but never have. To add the missing link to Frome would massively open up this underused section of Route 24.
Peter Ives My Route to the Colliers Way Cycle Path is either hilly or dangerous. I would prefer to us the proposed level & safe route.
Mike Frost Seems very worthwhile and the time is right. Better cycling infrastructure should mean more people cycling and walking, and cycling in safety.
elizabeth ashard I support the extension of the cycle path to Frome
Rob Lewis Although from Bath, I have cycled the Colliers Way a number of times and would like to see it extended into Frome. It will link up nicely with the Two Tunnels Route
Will Vallis My young family regularly goes for recreational rides together on the Colliers Way. We would love the opportunity to easily extend our journey to Frome.
William Thake Good Luck!
azharah Burn Great Plan!!!!!
Judith Cooper We regularly use the cycle path to run and cycle but usually drive from Frome to Great Elm so that we do not have to take dogs and kids on the roads.
Helen Kay I would love to be able to cycle to Great Elm safely. As a rather nervous 52 yr old (!) with a long standing back problem and more recently oesteoarthritis of the knees, I would very much welcome a cycle route off road for my nerves and knees, and as a greener way to get around. Thank you for your consideration, Helen Kay
Luke Farley I believe the idea of having the cycle path is a good one – providing it allows for the railway to return between Frome and Radstock. The importance of both a cycle and rail link cannot be underestimated – it seems both towns are overlooked, surprising when you consider their size!
max lines It is such a pleasure to go for a long cycle ride (by my standards)without having to worry about traffic.
Kate Bevan my preference would be to follow the railway track to frome
Mr & Mrs P Pepler As keen pleasure cyclist, it would be wonderful to be able to access this cycle route without having to use very dangerous roads.The sooner this canbe arranged the better
Ian Thomas A wonderful idea. it is a such a shame that this stretch of car free bike route is not linked up.
Julia Martin I have family in Frome and apart from the fact that it would be great for the, I’d love to think I’d be able to cycle to visit them on a cycle path.
P Carpenter We have waited long enough.
Peter Beal Regular user of the path between Gt Elm and Radstock using public roads to reach Gt Elm is always a risk!
Verona Bass It makes sense; it takes just a little more effort to get such a link connected, but this is ‘joined-up’ thinking and behaviour.
Simon Le Merle I use the Colliers Way to cycle from home to work in Peasedown St John. This extension would be a great benefit as there will be no need to use main roads to join the cycle path in Great Elm.
Ian Lambert-Gorwyn Am a regular user of the cycle path but the ride from Great Elm to frome is a dangerous route and would be enhanced by the additional path and required bridges.
Merete West-Hansen Looking forward to being able to use the full path. Currently using Part 1 daily and it is fab!
ben james-young It would be great to see this happen & more rides like this! People don’t know how lucky they are living around all this country side lets see more of it “BIKE ON”
Malcolm Howell We often come from Dorchester by train to Frome, and then cycle the Colliers’ Way to Kennet and Avon Canal, returning via Bradford on Avon. A traffic free route out of Frome would be a godsend.
Gordon Davies This has to be good for the town and the local people for a safer cycling to keep fit. It would encourage young families to cycling if it is away from traffic congested roads. The sooner it is done the better. My daughter & her two young boys would love too cycle it, first have a breackfast in Frome then ride too Bath or as far as they dare go. And back to Frome for tea. As I often cycle to Bath & back it would be a very welcome addition to my route through Frome from a safety point & quicker. Plus we cyclist would not slow down the local traffic to a degree that causes conflict with drivers.
Rob Elliott More cycle paths please. 🙂
Jan Williams Yes it would be amazing to get final Frome/Radstock stage completed, and it can only enhance the Sustrans cycle network. Good luck!
Iwein Dekoninck I work in Mells and cycle at least 2 days a week. One of the routes I use goes via Writhlington and I’ve recently started using the cycle path between Kilmersdon and Mells. It’s fantastic to have a traffic free option, especially in the dark winter nights when traffic is increased, visibility is reduced and one just feels that little more vulnerable.
Brian Pitney This would be such an asset to the Town, for walkers as well as cyclists.
Stuart Cullen As a regular user of The Colliers Way path,I am fully in support of the plan to extend the off road path into Frome itself.
Steve Milverton Much needed to allow cyclists a safe route away from traffic. I fully support this.
Bob Cooper A very much needed route. Fortunately, for this route local people are putting in a massive effort to make it happen. I just wish there were more people like this around the country.
Henry Stewart Yesterday cycled the route from Great Elms to Radstock. Absolutely fabulous. Would be wonderful to extend to Frome.
David Gatliffe It would be a splendid development for both walkers ans cyclists and would make living in Frome even more fantastic.
darren joyce really worth while project that should be given government money a healthy past time cycling for all the family all ages and masses of people will get the benefit from this cycle route use for the whole country when built good for the area and county .
Kathryn Gander As a visitors to the Frome area we would welcome extension of this delightful amenity. I’m sure the residents would appreciate it even more so.
Stephen Harris Been wanting this for years, as I used to bike to work in Midsomer Norton. It seems like such a waste without the last section in place, and I’m sure it would be very popular once complete.
Vicky Sheppard I work in Bath and it would be of great benefit to me to have a better cycle link, since I am not very confident cycling on the roads.
Rupert Bevan We are regular useers of the Radstock-Hapsford cycle path. To be able to walk/cycle into Frome would add extra purpose to our exercise routine, especially now that the A362 has become so dangerous.
Steven watts This is a must for frome, there is nowhere else to safely ride a bike, with increasing traffic on the roads this cycle path must be built.
DAVID AND JEAN FRASER It is absolutely essential that people are encouraged to cycle and keep fit. We live in a beautiful part of the country and need to be able to enjoy it. Since moving here nearly eight years ago, we have noticed a marked increase in traffic on our roads. We need to cycle more but it needs to be SAFE!
Peter James Hinchliffe Great work you are doing.lets hope its complete well within the 5years.we have just come back from Buxton, 5 tunnels are now open along the Monsal Trail. many cyclist using this route now.Likewise in France near Le Puy-en-Velay 18 klm 2 degree incline going out great coming back
Paul Humphreys The success of the two-tunnels in Bath shows it can be done, would love to cycle Bath/Radstock/Frome with minimal use of roads
Sara Coffield please fill-in the missing link! x
Mike Button Extending this cycle route will enable me to cycle into work in Frome, an option not currently practical from a safety perspective. It will also help to link bath, Radstock and Frome together allowing more visitor to move freely and safely between (tourists and local day trippers). Not to mention the untold health and safety benefits to all, especially the young, and for future generations.
jan durkin Cycling is good for health and provides a genuine low carbon option for travel. I fully support this route.
John Turner MCIM Vice Chairman Visit Somerset is committed to supporting and endorsing any project that will help improve and increase the prosperity and sustainability of the local area, moving the overall profile of our beautiful county forward. This project links with so many parts of Somerset’s rural, leisure and tourism economy and looks to be forward thinking and innovative, and we will give all the support that we can.
Neil Howlett I use the Colliers Way regularly to keep fit, but it’s a shame that it’s difficult for families in Frome with young chidren to get to it as it would be a great resource for them. It makes no sense for them to have drive in a car to get there, in conflict with people cycling from Frome to the Colliers Way on the bad temporary road route.
Pamela Foley Lovely walk, Well signed.
Steve Cleal I give my backing to this very sensible and worthwhile extension to the cycle path. I would galdly carry on to Frome if I knew that the path ahead would be traffic free.
Peter Silburn My sister lives near Radstock so I use this route often on my vists in order to cycle to Frome. It’s a lovely route, apart from the section from Great Elm to Frome which is the “weakest link”. This is a wondeful idea. With the Two Tunnels scheme opening up the route to the north the Colliers Way is becoming the hub of a vast cycle network.
Graham Jackson we are all so lucky to have this cycle route, it must be extended so more can safely us it
Brian Rodger UK cyclists both local & national need more schemes such as this for all their needs including work, leisure and tourism.
Malcolm Parker Instead of tunneling alongside the existing railway bridge under the A362, is there scope to take the Railway Route under the river bridge slightly to the north?
Matthew Colegate Good luck chaps!
Paul Timlett Fantastic facility for walkers and cyclists alike. Keeps us safe from traffic and takes you through glorious countryside.
Chris Rumming This link would bring my family and others a great deal of joy and hopefully generate some well needed cash into the town.
Ronstinchcombe Town to town conections are imperative .. Having a missing section = no path at all.
Nik Peregrine I fully support the proposals for a cycle path. Not just as a weekend cycleway, but also to encourage people to use a bike as a means of local transport and as a way of encouraging children to get into Frome / school. A bike esp.on a cycle path is an excellent means of local transport,form of excercise and as an aside can be a way of making new friends. I spent over 25 years accquiring land for various different Council Highway projects. All of which were important for both business and social reasons. However cycle paths are equally a must and with land etc generally being cheaper (and in some cases just donated)to accquire and maintain this scheme should be given 100 % support.
Dean Winstanley Currently I have to drive (with bikes) to Mells for my young son to go on his bike as riding through Frome is too dangerous. This improvement would be a huge benefit for my family along with the obvious benefits to the environment without the need to use the car unnecessarily.
Melanie Moulding Well done! to all the people who have fought for the ‘missing link’. Great to have the cycle way right into Frome.
William Thomas Love the Colliers Way and have cycled it often. It would be so good if it was able to connect completely to Frome. Let me know if I can help in any way.
Clive Warren I use the track 1-2 times /week and would welcome being able to get closer to Frome off the public roads.
John English I have used this route quite a few times, but those killer hills you have to use to get in to Frome do tend to put me off a little. The sooner this link is opened the better!
Cathy Williams Having broken my elbow last year riding in traffic and taking fright as a lorry was behind me I am fully supportive of as much traffic free cycle paths as possible.
Adrian Hill Colliers way is an exceptional cycle route. It would be further improved by a good quality link into Frome. This would make the route much more accesssible to novice cyclists.
Beverly Jones This project would be great for bringing people into town, and opening up the countryside around Frome, to town residents.
Julian Back Great idea. We did Mells to Radstock the other day as the first test of our tandem it would have been great to go all the way to Frome too!
Richard cassidy We often cycle on route 24 as a family and a proper continuation into Frome would be great (and help my wife cycle to and from work).
Nick Treacy good luck
John Inman Looking forward to a positive outcome to this missing link.
mel tomkins about time!
Tom Jenkins I would support extending the path to Frome. It would encourage many more unfit people to become active, currently its too inaccessible to the vast majority of the normal population of Frome.
Kally Brown My family make a lot of use of the cycle paths – have always found it difficult to have to drive to the beginning of the path to walk or cycle. Looking forward to having direct access tot he completed pathway
Alan Grainger CTC Bath members are frequent users of route 24 out of Bath and would be encouraged to use it more beyond Radstock if the proposals to continue the route to Frome materialise.
lindsey cochrane a wonderful and much needed project to link the people in the countryside and save the planet at the same time by lowering the dependency on cars
Jon Hoar Completing this missing link, will boost spending in the Frome area, from people taking a healthy, sustainable, traffic free ’round route’ from Bath to Frome, via Radstock-and back again.
Melanie Day Oh yes please
Anneli Engberg I enjoy cycling. However,the roads around Frome are very dangerous and there simply are not enough alternatives in the area. We need to expand the cycle paths around Frome.
James Clipson Compare the Collier’s Way with the Camel Ride which goes directly through Wadebridge and see the possible benefits.
Jean Harkett I would love to see this link. Traffic these days is very threatening to cyclists. The more traffic freeroutes there are the better, in my opinion.
George Donkin This is a magnificent project. Creating a safe cycle route and footpath to Frome will end the nonsense of a route from nowhere to nowhere. At Radstock a public not for profit company NRR has blocked a safe route from the end of the cyclepath into the town centre while at the other end lack of cash and landowner resistance has prevented tow centre access to the Somerset countryside. What a shame.
ALAN SHEPHARD Very keen that this should happen!
Doreen Hillier (Mrs) I fully support need to extend cycle route
Cath Haines This is needed!!
bill grant Cycleway stops at a crazy place, if Frome has any intention of being taken seriously as a sustainable town it needs this gap to be filled.
andrew richman I would like to register my support for the extension of the colliers way cycle path.
Danny silverosa Keep up the good work
Dorothy Greaves I enjoy visiting Frome and would be delighted to explore new cycleways in the area
Andrew Hooker I am very much in favour, but I’m not sure a new tunnel would be necessary under the A362. Cyclists and walkers are not completely daft, and are quite capable of crossing roads. A new pedestrian crossing here would be far cheaper, surely?
Roger Symonds Much needed extension.
Paul Rees As a former Frome resident and fairly frequent visitor to the area I would use this route. It would be, when linked to Bath an added incentive for a visit
Sally Jefferies An excellent plan that creates fantastic opportunities for the residents of Frome and further afield.
Richard Mills The existing cycle track into Radstock in terrific in principle but virtually impossible to get to by children in Frome.
hard Nasey It would be fabulous to have a cycle free route all the way from Frome to Radstock and I’m sure this would encourage many more people to use the path.
Tim Beadle Anything which makes the National Cycle Network more joined-up, encouraging people to take to two wheels, needs support. Let’s fill in the missing link!
stanley mayer it is the only way to keep young and old safe by using the cycle path it’s got to be 100% good fore all
ben Goodey hope all goes well, an inspirational petition im sure..
Tina North Desperate for the Missing Link to be sorted!!
Bryn Jones Adding this link would make me and friends more likely to visit Frome
Graham King I applaud your efforts as local people who care about their surroundings and who with initiative and commons senses are taking practical steps to improve your area’s amenities. I particularly approve the growth of cycle networks and access to countryside for healthy enjoyment and safe travel. Well done and best wishes!
Michael Stephens The missing link will provide the best sustainable alternative to the motor vehicle between Frome, Bath, Bristol and Pucklechurch, but also direct access to other cycle routes with this link providing a safe, traffic free spine to support the others.
MR J Ramsay Come on sort it out this should have been opened when the bath tunnel was opened
Will Bishop Lets do this!
moira beales a wonderful route which would be made perfect if accessible directly from Frome centre
Alan Byrom It would be great to wait walk or cycle direct to Midsomer Norton without going on road.
Alex Hart This is a fantastic idea – it must go ahead. MORE cycle paths needed in Frome for the health and safety of its children.
Paul Barnard Fantastic initiative
Brian Greaves The missing links are short in distance but massive in terms of acccessability to a great number of cyclists and walkers the potential for attracting new people to cycling and walking is equally massive the sooner the better.
Rosemary Mackenzie Where I grew up in Hampshire and when I lived in London I cycled all the time. I thought coming to the SW would mean I would cycle even more and be able to go out and about with my children on bicycles. Sadly the narrow roads with no verges make it very unsafe for cycling – particularly with children so we need as many cycle paths as possible. Completing the missing link will make a huge difference.
Mr. Donnelly Any route that has the potential to establish itself as a dedicated shared use path should be considered for funding.
andrew bailey as a regular user of the existing path think this extension would be an excellent idea
Deborah Back This would be a fantastic way for us to travel sustainably all the way into Frome.
Steve Cross How many cyclists are obese? Encourage exercise & save money spent on NHS!
Pete Henley It is unfortunate that Colliers Way does not currently run all the way to Frome. I’m sure that if it did it would increase its profile and be used more than it is at the moment.
James R Shiels This improvement needs to be made as quickly as possible. It’s a “no brainer”!
Mark Annand An extension of the shared-use path to Frome would increase visitor numbers and be a great facility for its residents. The journey between Frome and the current end of the route is a challenge. These routes shouldn’t be thought of as cycle paths alone (though I’m sure you realise that) and despite straitened economic times these paths remain a good way to invest in strengthening communities, with wide benefits to several usergroups. Frome is fortunate that the majority of the path is in place but to reap the benefits it needs to be joined to the town itself.
andy conn strongly support this. would make Frome much safer and more predestrian and cyclist friendly.
David Stevenson This is a big gap in my circular cycle route. The only section where the road is awkward for cars to pass cycles.
alison ward very important to finish this wonderful route
briony walley A cycle path that runs all the from Radstock to Frome would be a great asset for both towns.Also,great for kids getting used to cycling safely. Best of all NO CARS!
Martin Davies A good cause that needs completing.
Kathleen Mackey Please add this link to make travelling to Frome, easier, healthier, safer, more enjoyable, good for the environment….etc etc….. do you need more reasons ?
David Vallance I fully support the completion of this important traffic-free link. The road route from Frome to the current start of the cycle path is extremely hazardous for cyclists and therefore prevents many Frome cyclists from accessing the path.
Richard Dugdale I have used the existing part of this track and found it excellent for cycling with young children. Extending it would make the route much safer and would be well used
Gill Sullivan We have recently moved to Frome and would love the cycle path to be car free from Frome, it is the most beautiful country side, seen at it’s best on bike and by foot.
John de-Pulford Let’s get this project sorted quickly! I cycle into Bath on average four times a week, and, following the A36 it’s a demanding and somewhat nerve-racking experience. The only other route is BoA and follow the canal path but that comes with the attendant risk of multiple punctures (to a road bike) from the scrap metal thrown on the canal path by the ‘boat people’. So let’s get this thing sorted,..and soon!
Darren Jones-Davies A fantastic idea do it NOW!
Chris Lovell This would be a great boost to our business, as many of our customers come in from Radstock area, but are put off cycling by the fact the colliers way stops short!
David Edwards I write in support of the railway route option
Tony Norman The Frome to Great Elm proposal is vital to the successful uptake of cycle along this route to Radstock and Beyond. In speaking with work colleagues at the school where I work they have all said they would use the new route (as commuters or holiday cyclists) if they can avoid the current steep hills.
Jenny Ireland I’ve cycled the route from Radstock to Frome and loved every minute of the ride! Beautiful countryside, lots of fellow users, and a wonderful atmosphere of times gone by. Here’s to building the missing link!
Derek Trick Essential for a healthy, eco-friendly, and leisurely part of the ‘big society’ Come on, get on your bike and let us get connected.
Stephen Morgan An of road route into Frome town centre (and Beyond) would complete and make sense of the existing route
CLIVE TURNER The sooner the better, along aith a complete cycle path from radstock to Bath,
Mr Richard Lawless Absolutely a fantastic project, when finished what a difference this will make to Frome, as mentioned on many comments the ride between Great Elm and Frome at the moment is far from good!!. Living very close to the ongoing project, I watch with anticipation every day at the progress that is being made. A big Thankyou to all that have been involved with this project to enable a traffic free route out to Great Elm and beyond. I have ridden the ‘collier’s way’ many times and thoroughly look forward to the ‘missing links’ completion.
Trevor Graham The link from Buckland bridge would be a big improvement as the riding on main roads with my Grandchildren can be quite scarry ,the link from welshmill river bridge to Buckland bridge will be very welcome.
Jon Weekes Bristol may not seem local, but I have used the path & support it’s extension.
Mollie Bishop As an OAP I may even get a bike for exercise if I knew I would not have to go on the dangerous roads
Roy Russell I lost the NCN route in Frome on my way from Bath to Longleat. Found the cycle path to Asda, but then had to use the A road to Friggle Street. The proposed off-road link from Asda will be very useful.
Grace George This sounds like a brilliant way to get people cycling and to connect the town of Froome to its neighbouring towns in the most green and sustainable way.
ian carter I support the establishment of this link route.
Kathy Pinches I use the Collier’s path regularly and would love to be able to cycle to work in Frome from time to time – but the last hilly bit into town at the moment makes it tricky. It would be great to have this extra extension – not only could I use it for work and save petrol, but I would use it for leisure with family and friends – no doubt ending up in one of Frome’s many cafes.
Milly Stowey We cycled to Frome last year from Radstock and were disappointed to have to go through country lanes and many horrible ups and downs after the end of the cycle track itself! We did complete our route all the way to Frome but it would be so nice for the cycle track to go all the way and we would take this route a lot more often!!
Dan lewry I could get to work so much easier, this seems like an absolute no brainer. In a world where we all need to encourage more people to do more exercise please please please get the link finished in 2014z
Martin Whitfield There must be a way to bridge the missing link – it would be hugely popular, as would filling in another missing link eastwards from Frome to Longleat using the river path from Asda to Feltham Lane.
John Stafford Like many other people we increasingly select our holiday destinations based upon the availablility of safe and interesting cycle routes. The completion of this route would be an additional attraction to the area ofr ourselves and countless others. I hope it will be completed soon.
Georgie Richardson I commute to bath everyday by bus. I love to ride my bike and if I could, I would do so everywhere. However, it is quite intimidating to cycle on roads as you get little respect from those driving cars, especially during rush hours. The missing links would allow me to do what I love, keep fit and save a lot of money. I support this project all the way! Thank you.
Rowena whitty Frome really needs this. Lets get it completed.
eddy Priest Great idea one step closer to re-opening the line to Radstock
Steven Howell I have a family with 3 young children, and we hardly ever make use of the Great Elm cycle path because of the danger of cycling on the public roads to get there. If we could travel safely all the way from Frome, I can see us using the cycle path every week – it would be a fantastic day out!
Linda Cooper I’ll be back over to UK soon and this will be another wonderful trail that I’d love to cycle.
Andrew Dix The number and variety of people of all ages and fitness levels I have seen using Route 24 tells you that the Frome missing link is vital. There has been a huge increase in the number of people taking both moderate (walking) and more intense (running/cycling) exercise over the last few years due to there being a safe, traffic free environment. I look forward to using the missing link,
Caroline Walsh-Waring My only thoughts are that there are plenty of dog poo bins and signs to encourage dog owners to pick up their dog poo and any other rubbish. It’s the one thing that puts off the non-dog owners. As the owner of 2 dogs it’s not diffcult to do and everyone should be encouraged to do it and pick up their crisp bags and coke tins etc. etc.
Roger Randall Ive cycled the path from Radstock many times, the missing link to Frome would be brilliant. Probably more of a benifit to the people on the Frome side as this would open up their way to Bath, then infinity and beyond.
Tim Bates Excellent plan
Giles Verwey It would be great if the cycle path could be joined up. It would make it much easier to use particularly when cycling with kids.
Linda Stinchcombe We have used the path from Radstock with our young children but it then just dumps you back on the roads to get to Frome. I will be great to be able to go all the way on the cycle track.
Lorraine Please complete the route as it would make cycling and running so much more enjoyable from Frome.
Andrew Thorne If there was a cycle path here I would use it.
Peter Mellen A pollution free entry into Frome has got to be the way forward
margaret massey well done for organising this !!!!!!!
D M Wilmot Vechiclur On-Road traffic is hazardous to cyclists, pedestrians and vica versa Off road route would reduce hazard level.
Ian Strand agree support for the most road traffic free route – i use the route often at the moment but am deterred in darker times due to speed of traffic on access road iron mill lane/coal ash lane and crossing A362 then onto Gt Elm
peter osborne This is a much-needed addition to the existing cycle route. I take my young children cycling from Great Elm to Radstock but due to their age have to put all the bikes in the car to get there, which undermines the point of cycling. We would all really appreciate and benefit from the proposed plan and hope that it goes ahead.
Tricia Golinski This would be a brilliant traffic-free route and a great boost for sustainable transport in Frome
bruce tearle it would be better if trains were still using the track, but keeping it as a public right of way is the next best thing!!!
Nicky Green A brilliant proposal. I would use a path to Frome a lot as it is very inconvenient ending at Great Elm and it would make cycling to Frome so much safer and easier.
Elaine Breach This would be lovely for the link to be completed :-))
Marcus Barton I’ve walked between Kilmersdon and Conduit Lane many times and would love to be able to walk the Frome end. I’ll be glad to help with a bit of vegetation clearing.
Roger Davidson This link is vital to ensure we have a transport link to benefit both local communities and users from other areas.
Gary Kent I have recently moved to the area from Bristol and regularly used the Bristol to Bath cycle path. I have started to use Route 24, mainly cycling from Radstock to Mells and am fully supportive of extending this route with road free access to Frome. Please let’s make this happen.
Adam Beddall This path will get more people enjoying cycling and any other forms of activity as it will be quicker, easier and cheaper than taking a car, opening the path and getting more people to enjoy the an active lifestyle will also enable people to become fitter, healthier and more happy with themselves and help them to be proud of themselves. I am heavily into cycling and believe anyway of getting people to become healthier is worth doing.
Marc gardiner I love riding! Let’s get it sorted!
James Coles There is no way my two young children can use the colliers way safely. Please extend the cycle path.
Earle Martin As a cyclist, I support the building of safe and well-connected cycling infrastructure throughout Britain.
Peter Bailey I have travelled by train to Frome and cycled home via tha path. Getting to the path was actually confusing and requirewd considerable concentration. Much as I enjoyed the ride the opening bit to the path would not allow me to recommend it to others, especially the young.
mr john bottle we need more routes to ride as its not safe on main roads
Adam Biggs I use the cycle path several times a week to commute into Bath and with my family for recreation. If the path came all the way into town I would use it even more. It would be brilliant!!!
Tony Walsh With careful safety planning, NetworkRail, FGW, BANES & Mendip council financial backing, the cycle path and railway could easily be reopened from Radstock to Frome & on to Westbury
Dorothy-Anne Bryant I support extension of cycle path into Frome for walkers and cyclists
Nick Jeanes The current Colliers Way route from Radstock east is a fantastic leisure and tourist resource, but it’s a real shame it finshes just short of it’s destination in Frome. Frome itself would benefit hugely from the tourist/leisure angle if it were completed, and the route would prove hugely popular with families and young or novice riders from the town. Commuters between Radstock & Frome and vice versa would also benefit.
David and Mary Chesterfield It would be wonderful to have the existing cycle track extended to Frome and we believe it would be very well used. It’s essential to have a route that is both safe(free of road traffic) and relatively level for all users to enjoy regardless of age. We shall follow the progress of this project with real interest
Lee Shale This is a-MUST-HAVE-facility for the people of Frome and the cyclists who haven’t yet discovered Frome.
John Perry This would be a superb facility for the people of Frome and District
Jackie Hibberd It is alway useful if the path can go right to the heart of where people want to go to and from, on foot or by bike.
Alex Hooper Opening up this last piece of route 24 from Gt Elm in to Frome would help to complete one of the best local cycle routes there is. Apart from the die-hard cyclists who wil take on more challenging routes, this will encourage people who want to cycle in wonderful countryside without the risks of riding on the road and in particular families with younger children where safety is paramount. Completing this route would i beleive see a very large increase in users within a very short period.
steve slater Frome’s a fantastic place – this would make it even better
David Wilcox This would be excellent!
Michael Huntley FRSA AC-R Great work. Thanks to all involved.
Councillor Adam Boyden I am very supportive of the project that will drastically improve cycle routes to and from Frome.
Richard Hounsell Joining the route into the market yead will double the amount of people who use the route. An existing track from the botton of Whatcombe Hill to Spring Gardens could also be used to achieve this. We are running out of oil so investment in our infrastructure now will be money well spent.
Nick Rearden With the imminent completion of the Two Tunnels Project at the Bath end of the route, the two miles into the centre of Frome will complete a useful commuter and tourist route.
Andy Moore It would be great to be able to cycle from Frome to Bath, without getting on to a main road. This would help cut down on traffic and also encourage more people to cycle from Frome to Bath and Bath to Frome.
Richard Back I am trying to build up my cycling for heath reasons. We’ve often used the colliers way from Peasedown towards Frome, and today I finally went further- but after I headed off the path at Great Elms I was very discouraged by the very steep hills. I would very much support the missing links project.
John Bennett I am a regular user of the existing cycle path route 24 between Gt Elm and Radstock. I am wholeheartedly in favour of extending the route into Frome which I believe would be of great benefit to the local community, both in terms of recreation for residents and for encouraging tourism to the town and nearby villages.
Pru Comben The missing links are so important to producing a cohesive and connected cycle network. It’s worth looking at the amount of cycle tourism on routes such as the Devon Sea to Sea, the Coast to Coast ride from Whitehaven to Newcastle, and the Way of the Roses across Lancashire and Yorkshire. Now imagine a long distance route, from perhaps Bristol to Frome to who knows where… and imagine the revenue this will bring to the local economy. But most of all, imagine the delight of the locals when they can ride to work, school, to visit friends and go shopping. The health and environmental benefits speak for themselves.
Phil Fursland Lokking forward to starting the route in Frome itself
Jason Rowe This needs to happen, happy to help any way possible, as I have a family cash help is not possible but any other means yes.
Jill Cliss I use the part of Colliers Way from Great Elms to Radstock, and have also used the part going northwards from Radstock. It is most enjoyable to get away from roads and see this area from the Beeching legacy! Connecting to Frome and hopefully linking southwards to eventually join up with the Wiltshire Cycle Route will be a great asset to the people of this area.
Mal Dunsmore When I lived in Frome my trip to the cycle path at Great Elm was always a bit life and death. A safe route is definitely needed. Luckily I now use the lanes from Rode through Laverton and Buckland Dinham which is much safer.
Paul Bunce This route is excellent and completing the missing links makes sense both from a safety perspective and to help keep traffic off the roads. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and such fun. Best of all, it is free.
Richard Ackroyd I support the proposal to create a missing link on the cycle route out of Frome to Mells.
Gregory Doyle I fully support the need to connect the Frome missing link of route 24
Keith Robinson The existing cycle/walking/running path from Radstock is a tremendous alternative to the surrounding roads which are dangerous for cyclists and walkers; but it ends ‘in the middle of nowhere’. Parking is limited, and it is ridiculous to require a car in order to walk! I hope the route can be completed soon.
mr g garsed go for it , i use it.
kim perry Myself and my children would love this route to be completed,my auntie lives in frome and we visit regularly,we also go for lots of long cycles
Danny shorten The completion of this route will add great amenity value to the area and if done sympathetically as suggested also improve a number of currently redundant walks.
Sarah Leyland I’m really keen to help in any way -we live on the cycle path so have obvious invested interest but have had a lot of contact with Sustrans since the track was first developed and I have often asked how can we help to move this forward. so I’m DELIGHTED to hear about this and very happy to help? Where should I put up posters?
Darren King Cycled the path from Radstock to Great Elm (May 2013), which is fantastic but the last 2 miles into Frome were hard work, 3 big hills and narrow lanes where we encountered a huge truck too large to pass. Hope you can get this missing link built to make getting into Frome easier and safer!
Martin Sadd The last part of the Frome Radstock route is very hilly for an average family ride. Inaugurating the final part, I should imagine will open up a existing wonderful route to a whole new audience & promote cycling & activity.
Karen Still I used to live in Frome and have many friends with children who still live there, I cannot wait to bring my bike over and take them out for the day, keep up the good work.
Alan Doel I like the Longleat route idea, it is quite right to seek continuity in levels for a cycle route – too many of the National Routes are compromised by steep hills. This idea would work very well – good luck and happy negotiations!
Rob Taylor I would like to register my support for the extension of the Colliers Way Cycle Path into Frome. Thank you
Mark Henfield often use this route for leisure riding with my family or commuting and it would be marvellous to have a flat and safe section linking with the centre of Frome
Mrs D Hills It would great for everyone! Especially for kids to have a safe cycle path instead of have to go in the car to get to it.
Geoff Cardnell This link would really enable people to enjoy the countryside between Frome & Radstock and beyond without having to resort to using the car or cycling on busy and quite dangerous roads.
Angie McDowell It makes so much sense for the link to be built. I hope this petition makes a difference in the decision making process.
Matthew Peach Please extend th Radstock-Frome cycle path into Frome. At the moment, where it finishes means we have to continue on sometimes busy windy country roads – not so good for the younger cyclists. I regularly use all of the local cycle routes and believe they are a great asset to the area.
nigel cox jolly good idea !
Bert van ‘t Ende This year a friend of mine and I will cycle from Bath along the Avon Canal to Bradford on Avon. From there by narrow lanes over Woolverton and Buckland Dinham to the cycleway near Frome. And then back over Radstock and Wellow and of course the two tunnels into Bath.
Terry Cliss It would be a great pity not to have “the missing link” filled in with an extension into Frome. To cycle on the public roads is rather hazardous and nerve-racking for those without strong nerves to ride this remaining distance into and out of Frome.
jed parsons I feel this is a fantastic opportunity to develop Frome’s cycling and running areas. As i feel there is little opportunity to run/walk within the town without being cautious of the traffic. The new route would support families being more active by reducing the risk of accidents on the road and help reduce the rising obesity epidemic. Whilst families enjoying the outdoor environment
Suzanne Williams we have used the collier way several times, but have to drive out to Mells to access it, so to be able to walk or cycle from home would be great.
steve appleton I am really in favour of this extension as it is a real shame that you have to go in a long round about route to get into Frome, especially with the children up several steep hills. The proposed path alongside the railway is a superb addition to the existing path.
Charles Osborne Have walked and cycled to Radstock from the Great Elm side road many times almost since it opened. Wonderful all times of the year and to connect to Frome would be good for so many more people.
Lydia Holt I would love this to be completed, one of the main things that puts me off cycling is the danger of traffic. This route would open up so many possibilities, including a way to get to work without getting in my car!
Wilf Forrow What a great project. The Colliers Way shows just how great cycling can be with the right routes, and this missing link will make it even better.
Richard Dyson Not a resident of Frome but I think this is a marvellous idea. I have cycled the hilly way from Buckland Bridge into Frome but would do it more often if there was a flatter route.
lindsay downes anything else i can do to support please let me know
Clare Scholefield I have three children who love cycling – we would love it if the cycle path was continued into Frome – I can imagine the residents of Frome really making something of the opportunity.
Fran Law Our cottage backs onto the railway line at the junction between Coalash Lane and Jacks Lane, we would wholeheartedly support the proposed Colliers Way route for the Sustrans National Cycle Network (NCN) route 24
Jane Hopkins Although I don’t live in Frome, my son and daughter-in-law do and if this link is completed next year, I’ll be able to celebrate my 70th year by visiting them for the weekend by bike. So I challenge the authorities to get the link built so that I can fulfil mine.
Meryl BINDON This would be a fantastic addition to the existing network and we look forward to visiting the area and using the routes now th two tunnel section is open.l
Mike Johnston Cycled the Colliers Way a while ago & throughly enjoyed the route from Bath. Agree wholeheartedly that additional ‘off-road’ routing is far more preferably to traffic laden roads. Frome / Westbury are good destination points as they have rail connections to make a return to Bath / Bristol etc.
Kerry Ellis I would love this link to be completed. It would make a cheap and healthy alternative for something to do for me and my kids at weekends!
Mr Michael Bull Excellent idea, great for families with small kids to cycle safely.
Simon Keyes Completing the safe cycle route through Frome would be a great asset for the Town.
Alf Hill I enjoy cycling to Frome from Bath but the final section can be a little hairy / confusing. A proper signposted link would be great and encourage more people to ride Colliers Way.
Colin Sampson Cycling to Radstock is dangerous. I would do it all of the time if the missing link was completed.
James tams Desperately needed
David Wakenell It makes so much sense to complete this Cycle Path. It will bring visitors to and from Frome and all other destinations en-route.
Sheila Hedges I regularly use the existing cycle path from Great Elm to Radstock and would love to be able to start in Frome itself instead of driving to Great Elm.
Vince Schwartz I use the existing cycleway from Midsomer Norton to Mells and on towards Frome quite often – it is such a great ride. It is so frustrating that I cannot ride safely all the way to Frome!
Pauline Davey I love walking along Colliers Way towards Radstock. It’s the best ‘green gym’ I know and walking along it can lull you into going a lot further than you originally planned! So to be able to walk from Frome would be fantastic. Roll on forging the link.
noel shaw Really support this issue, we use the cycle path regularly for both walking and cycling. Walking from Frome would mean we would not have to drive to great elm and that would also benefit the environment.
edward lipman this link into Frome is very important for public safety. Many families with young children use this cyclepath.
Julian Greaves I often ride to Frome on the cycle track from Bath and would love to see it extended. This, coupled with the recently opened two tunnels route would encourage me to move to Frome, as I could then safely commute to work on my bike, virtually road free. Good luck with the campaign and please let me know if there’s more I can do to help. Regards, Julian
Judith Chapman The proposed traffic free route would be of benefit to families to ensure a safe and worry free day for all ages
phil mcgovern Great idea (I have friends in Frome, hence my interest)
Charlotte Millard A great idea, more folk will use it once this link is sorted
Nina Casey It is important to have safe routes for runners, walkers and cyclists alike.
Tim Blackwell I look forward to riding from Bath to Frome on a car free route!
Barry Cooper Great idea for Frome, we must make sure this happens…
Nick Creed This would be me and my family
Alice Mount A comprehensive multi-use cycle path should be a basic requirement for any town with an investment in the welfare of its community and its visitors. As a runner I would greatly value a clear, safe route to run on, away from the exhaust fumes and hazzards of fast cars.
Richard Breakspear Would be great to see this open – have cycled down south of Bath to Radstock – via the new (2013) Two-Tunnels link… so this bit would complete the route.
Simon Addy Well done and keep it up.
Vincent Hayward The Sustrans network of cycle/foot routes is a major contribution to the health and safety of the present and upcoming generations. The only current link to the Frome-Radstock section is both hilly and dangerous for all users and the “missing link” is a vital key to the future.
adam turner Having ridden the Longleat route having a safe way to cross the Frome bypass would make this ride so much more enjoyable. I have Ridden to great elm via Vallis Vale but going this way there is a rather step hill climb to get to the colliers way route. I look forward to a route that comes from the centre of frome town
Robert Young This would be a fantastic and well used extension to this wonderful path.
Sara Gould Bring it on!
Michael Rhodes This link would get very many more people using the Sustrans route – and especially encourage children and families to cycle.
Kim Goonesekera This would be a great asset for Frome. It would help reduce congestion and pollution and improve the health of local people.
juian thompson crossing the 362 is a big problem,but Inotice the railway bridge over coalash lane was built for two tracks so there is a spare abutment that could be used. I expect you already know that.
Arran Bennett Really would love the opportunity to try this out if and when it gets sorted.
Colin Jervis It would be fantastic if the whole of route 24 was fully open and signposted. Good luck with the project.
Mr Adrian Lucas If a new business was to come to Frome they would find the infrastructure. Tourism is a business and people wil come from from far and wide to use the path I am sure.
Guy Worsdall It would be great to use
Steve Cooke For too many years i have been asked by people `where is the footpath/cyclepath which goes onto Radstock etc`, unfortunately, all i can tell/show them where it ends at Lower Innox, we need this link A.S.A.p
Nick Dove This link would be of real benefit not only to people like me who enjoy cycling for leisure but for others who could use it for commuting. My teenage daughter was recently employed in Mells and as she does not drive caught the bus. The times for the bus were then changed making it impossible for her to use the reduced service. Had the link been built she could have cycled to work reducing carbon emissions, increasing her fitness and saved money.She will not be the only person positively effected by the link.
Marcus Likeman Excellent plan to facilitate a visit to Frome from Bath by cycle and bring Frome into the national network of cycle free routes
Alex Malcolm This is a much needed link that completes local bicycle routes between local towns in the interests of safety and community health and welfare.
Geoff Booth The ride from Frome to Colliers Way can be very off putting, with traffic and hills
antherony boland this would be great for local people, tourist attraction, the environment, health etc
Geraint Davies I currently cycle this route, early mornings, 2 or 3 times a week. It’s a beautiful stretch of countryside and greatly underused at present. The final link into Frome ( and a better link in to Radstock at the other end) will make a huge difference to universal accessibility.
Michael Devenish I am a regular user of the Colliers Way cycle path and would use and therefore support an extension into Frome
Sean Brady I use the colliers way as often as i can especially now the tunnels are open in Bath as it means I can get a loively cycle right in to the centre of Bath. Its a little far to cycle from Bruton so Icurrently drive to Great Elm and cycle from there. If this link were available I’d be able to catch the train to Frome instead and conpletely remove the car from the equation. I often get the train to Frome anyway so this link would just open up a whole new set of cycle and dog walking routes for me. I think its a fantastic idea and a woinderful facility for the community, other areas have some amazing routes such as the Tarka trail in Devon and this would more than rival it and could be a tourist attraction too.
steve henwood If it was there I’d definitely use it (and i’m not an utter cycling maniac, I just like to use my bike to get around…
Alex du Pré We love the family cycle from Radstock to Frome. Completing the missing link would be wonderful and avoid the horribly hilly last stretch! Good luck!
Ben Johnson I think this is a great idea and would remove the neccesity for me to ride along the busy road to Great Elm before being able to get onto the cycle path.
larry kirby A link to Bradford on Avon would generate more tourist business!
jacqui henderson This will be so good for walkers as well as cyclists who won’t have to drive to the current start of the path. I love to walk this path and would use it much more if there was a link into frome.
Jonathan Curle At present we have to load the bikes and children into a car and drive to the cycle path at Great Elm as the roads there simply aren’t safe or managable for children. The cycle route is almost fantastic facility for all, it really needs a link into Frome to complete it.
Nick Oldridge Greetings from the South Devon Cycle link. We are in full support of your campaign. Its great to see people committed to making cycling accessible for all, its just a shame that this vision is not shared by policy makers! Please keep us up to date with your efforts.
Jeremy Ash I live in Bath and regularly use the Two Tunnels. Would love to see the route extended.
Tony Young The more off the public highway cycling the better for all concerned
Tim Osmond Good for tourism, good for health, great for kids. Practical too. Why wait?
David Edwards Since more than half of the population is too young or old or poor to run a car, the infrastructure needs to support non-car transport. As the population ages, an ever-increasing percentage will stop driving and become dependent on feet and bicycles.
John Hedges We use the path from Radstock towards Frome a lot, for pleasure and exercise. It would be so much safer to be able to finish the route into Frome on a cycle path rather than the roads, some of which have very fast traffic. John Hedges Frome resident
Peter Henshaw A great idea to promote safe cycling and walking, and sounds like it would also be a genuinely useful route.
Kevin Prandy I use the path to commute to work everyday so would welcome the extension.
David Dunn We really need a Safe route from Frome to Buckland Bridge and need it fast.
Andrew Cullen Would be great to get the link all the way into the centre as I would start my occasional cycle to bath from there. I also think it will present the opportunity for people who live outside frome to visit the town, providing frome with business
Joe Nimmo Great initiative that will benefit today’s generation and tomorrows! It will also benefit Frome tourism as it will attract cyclist into Frome from the surrounding areas. A number of people also commute to Frome from Radstock and Midsomer Norton. This will provide people with a means of getting out their car and commuting on bike benefitting both their health and our environment.
Pat Tayler Sounds a brilliant idea. I wish it was ready now. I shall hang on to my bike….
Sharon Lines Very keen to support this cycle path and any other which could mean safer cycling routes for families in Frome and anyone who visits Frome from surrounding areas!!
Nicola Green It would be great to cycle all the way to Radstock from Frome and safer for families because at the moment you have to do the first bit by road.
Denise Wilson I do not exercise as I have a toddler, I have a bike seat for her, but no safe roads to cycle!
Sean King So important or this to happen!
John Garfitt My wife & I love cycling but are put off in Frome as the only possible routes out of the town are over roads which is not good news for cyclists. We would welcome the proposed cycle ways.
Anna Tree I really support the cyclepath. It would make a huge difference to me in my life as I love to cycle but I find the roads too dangerous. I have a young son and I would never take him on the roads on a bike.
ross charlton I am very interest in this as this is a regular route i take when i cycle to work. I feel this will also prove to be a helpful area in the future as it will prove a safe area for my young child to learn to ride.
Samantha West The cycle ride to the beginning of the cycle track at Great Elm takes in very busy roads which carry huge quarry lorries too. To increase the opportunity for more people to ride their bikes, not just for leisure, to to get from A to B, by increasing the links between towns, and in this case, Frome to Great Elm, with a safe cycle route would open up cycling to so many more, children, and those less confident on heavily used vehicular roads. The cycle route is already in place for much of the way, and the truncation at Great Elm is a stumbling block, to ride safety back to Frome. Completing the route to Frome will make a big difference.
Martin Harris Opening up the cycle path will be a fantastic and would compliment the work already done towards Asda which is used and appreciated by a huge amount of residents as well as the excellent cycle track for the youths at Welshmill. My family would definitely use the cycle way if it was available as the roads are just too dangerous so we feel the cycling options are a bit limited around Frome at the moment.
Tony Flagg This last section needs completing NOW as it will prove an immediate and valuable alternative safe route from Radstock to Frome by foot or bike that will be used by many on a daily basis for commuting and pleasure(as the Radstock to Bath route already is)
Martin Tweddell I’ve ridden this route and found it odd the path should stop just short of Frome. What a missed opportunity for the shops and eateries of the town to prosper from the passing cyclists (not forgetting that many of us are reasonably well-to-do)
Zak Gratton I cycle from Frome to Bristol regularly along the existing route. The completion of Frome’s Missing Link is a no-brainer. will improve the day to day lives and options for recreation for everybody in the local area.
david bates brilliant idea. really hope this comes together, it will be fantastic to ride from bath to frome…..and beyond.


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