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We would like as many people as possible to become members of Frome’s Missing Links. 

Anybody who has an interest in what we are doing can become a member. One benefit of our charitable incorporated organisation status is that even if the worst happens members have no individual liability.

Members will receive regular updates and will be able to vote on vital decisions and elect trustees.  If members agree “meetings” can be held on line.

Each year with the AGM notice you will be invited to renew for the following year.

To avoid complex rules over fees and business membership which we feel inappropriate for a small local charity there is no membership fee. We would prefer individuals and businesses to consider what they can afford to donate if they wish to see the link built.

We hope that members whether individual or business will “own” the link and will wish to contribute their time, skills and energy as well as cash to get it built.

Membership lasts for 12 months and to comply with Charity Commission rules you must apply. You can do this simply by entering your details below.


If you become a member you automatically become a supporter too. No need to sign up twice.

Please ensure you click ‘Become a member’ button and then hit the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Sometimes our emails go into your Spam folder. Please check for our response there if you don’t receive an email.

Many thanks from Frome’s Missing Links.

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